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The highest and largest new patented coke oven

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The trend of the times is vast and mighty, and only the trendsetters can stand on the tide forever; The wheel of history rolls forward, and only the striver can take advantage of it. Looking back on the long journey of the "13th Five Year Plan", we laid a new foundation with green ideas and expanded new space with leading technologies. Integrating into the development torrent of the "14th Five Year Plan", we use smart technology to create a new blueprint, and use high-quality performance to chart a new chapter.

From today on, we will open the column of "the most" of construction "on the public account, review the" journey road ", interpret" the ability of technology ", appreciate" the beauty of engineering ", and forge" the soul of the industry "with" the most "of construction, so as to boost the momentum and endow new energy to build a competitive first-class EPC enterprise in the industry.

The "most" of construction │ Phase 1


New patented coke oven

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The Inner Mongolia Black Cat Coking Project Department was established in May 2018. The main construction contents include the first and second phases of the Inner Mongolia Black Cat Coke Oven Gas Comprehensive Utilization Project. So far, Phase I 1 # coke oven and supporting projects have been fully completed and delivered to the Owner for use, and Phase II 3 # coke oven and supporting projects are in full swing.

-Inner Mongolia Black Cat Coking Project-

ZHJL7360D patented coke oven

The models of 1 # and 3 # coke ovens in the project are ZHJL7360D type 88 hole coke ovens, which are the first 7.3m top mounted tamping dual-use coke ovens in China, reaching the industry leading level in design and technology. The patented furnace type coke oven foundation plate is 152.72m long, 20.2m wide, 1.5m thick at both ends, and 1.2m thick at the middle section; The top plate of coke oven foundation is 144.5m long, 18.8m wide, 0.45m thick, 1.95m high, and 139.2m from the center of two end carbonization chambers. It is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly coke oven. Generally, there are 65 holes in the carbonization chamber of a single coke oven, and a few of them have 72 holes. However, the furnace type with 88 holes in the carbonization chamber of this type of single coke oven is the highest and largest new furnace in the industry, and the coke output is the highest in the world. It is also the largest coke oven that has been built by the Ninth Metallurgical Corporation so far.

Phase I 1 # coke oven construction

The construction of Phase I 1 # coke oven was started on May 15, 2018. In order to ensure the high quality of meeting the construction period target, from September to October 2018, the owner carried out a labor competition activity of "60 days of hard work to ensure that the coke oven is ready for furnace building", and the Project Department immediately held a "node protection sprint mobilization meeting" to ask all employees to take active action and carry forward the "striver" spirit of daring to fight hard and fighting hard. The project department arranges the construction period in reverse, reasonably connects each process, and implements 24-hour shift operation. In a short week, 840 tons of steel bars were bound, 2400 cubic meters of concrete was poured, 6893 embedded pipes were installed, and 123 tons of iron pieces were installed. The concrete pouring of the foundation resistance wall and top plate of 1 # coke oven was completed one day ahead of schedule, and a beautiful "short and smooth" battle was fought. In this regard, Yan Yonghong, the general manager of Inner Mongolia Heimao Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., spoke highly of the project team's indomitable spirit in completing the important nodes of 1 # coke oven ahead of schedule, and issued 100000 yuan of condolence money to the project department as a reward.


The coke oven foundation resistance wall is 19.4m high, 1.5m thick and 18.8m long. The structure is high and there is no attachment around, which has brought great difficulties to the formwork erection and reinforcement. During the construction of the first phase 1 # coke oven resistance wall, the project department adopted the construction scheme of first constructing the resistance wall to+1.985m, and then erecting the scaffold of the resistance wall on the top plate of the coke oven foundation after the top plate of the coke oven foundation is poured and reaches 80% of the design strength, The smooth implementation of this scheme ensures the bearing capacity and meets the construction requirements.

640 (4).jpg

Phase II 3 # coke oven construction

During the construction of the foundation resistance wall of Phase II 3 # coke oven, the project department summarized the construction experience of the foundation resistance wall of 1 # coke oven, creatively proposed to first position and set out on the bottom plate of the coke oven foundation, determine the position relationship between the resistance wall and the top plate of the coke oven, and then erect the scaffold upright on one side of the resistance wall through the cleaning pipe embedded in the top plate. The improvement of this construction method can simultaneously construct the top plate of the coke oven and the resistance wall, Compared with the construction method of first constructing the resistance wall and then the roof of 1 # coke oven, the construction period is effectively saved by 45 days.

640 (1)_1.jpg

Advanced process technology

There are 6893 embedded pipes on the top plate of coke oven foundation. How to control the embedded precision is a thorny problem. During the construction of 1 # coke oven, the Project Department adopted angle steel welding formwork according to the previous coke oven construction experience and the actual construction situation on site, effectively controlling the installation accuracy of embedded pipes.

640 (5).jpg

The picture shows the interior of 1 # coke oven that has been built and put into use

During the construction of embedded pipes on the top plate of 3 # coke oven, the project department summarized the construction experience of embedded pipes on the top plate of 1 # coke oven, changed the original angle steel formwork into angle steel and channel steel formwork, and adjusted the size and elevation of angle steel in the formwork scheme of 1 # coke oven, which greatly increased the stability of the formwork, and embedded reinforcement on the frame column to control the elevation of the top plate and embedded pipes, which significantly improved the accuracy of the installation elevation of embedded pipes. And after the completion of the construction of the embedded pipe on the top plate of the coke oven foundation, the formwork is used for the positioning of the flue bend and the track bolt of the coke pusher, reusing the existing formwork, and reducing the amortization cost of the formwork.

The patented furnace type coke oven foundation roof concrete has a large amount of concrete pouring at one time. After the concrete pouring, the roof on both sides of the deformation joint expands unevenly, leading to the position deviation of the embedded pipe. After the management and technical personnel of the Project Department discuss and report to the construction unit and the supervision unit for approval, the process flow of gradual error elimination in the three plates of the roof is adopted based on the centerline of the carbonization chamber at the east and west sides, so that the deviation of the embedded pipe is controlled within the design range, It effectively ensures the normal development of coke oven masonry work.

640 (2)_1.jpg

On March 5, 2022, the Project Department will focus on epidemic prevention and production, organize furnace builders to be in place at the first time, and resume furnace building at 0:00 on March 7, 8 days ahead of the original plan. Up to now, the body of 3 # coke oven has been built to the 59th floor of the combustion chamber, and the construction progress is normal. It is planned to complete the cold masonry of the body of coke oven on June 17.

In the process, the technical and management personnel of the Project Department, combined with the previous furnace building experience, adopted the construction process of synchronous segmental masonry of refractory bricks and checker bricks in the regenerator, which eliminated the problems of high turnover materials and labor costs, long construction period, etc., and successfully completed the refractory brick masonry and checker brick filling tasks in the regenerator of 3 # coke oven in 40 days. Not only that, the effect of this technology is also very obvious. The 60 day construction period of traditional construction technology is shortened to 40 days, which effectively saves 20 days of construction period and 60000 yuan of turnover material cost. The economic and social benefits are significant.

One drop of sweat, ten thousand grains of grain  A granary full of thousands of sweat beads

In tens of years of industrial field construction experience, the Inner Mongolia Black Cat Coking Project Department has gone from a 4.3 meter carbonization chamber coke oven to a 5.5 meter carbonization chamber coke oven, and then leapfrog to today's 7.3 meter patented coke oven. Along the way, they have worked hard with down-to-earth efforts to fulfill their commitments with the owner one by one with strict requirements on height standards and hard quality, It has also created a bright business card for the Ninth Metallurgical Corporation in the vast land of Mobei.

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