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The total investment is 3.5 billion yuan< Br>Shanxi 1.34 million ton coking project submitted for approval

Construction site: Xinzhou Economic Development Zone Coal Chemical Industry Park. The project is constructed in the existing plant and the land occupied by the project is industrial land

Nature of construction: reconstruction and expansion

Construction scale: 1.34 million tons of dry full coke per year; Supporting CDQ 1 × 200t/h (standby 1 × 100t/h)

Number of staff and working system: after the completion of the project, the total staff quota is 544, including 492 production personnel and 52 management and auxiliary personnel

The coking section of the project operates continuously for 365d throughout the year, adopting four shifts and three operations, and the annual working time is 8760h; The operation time of CDQ system is overhaul once every two years, with annual operation of 8160h. The coal preparation system works 365d, with daily operation of 11h, calculated by 4000h

Investment and capital source: The total investment of the project is 350 million yuan, all of which are raised by the construction unit

Project overview: Shanxi Yuwang Coal Gasification Co., Ltd.'s 1.34 million ton/year carbonization chamber with a height of 6.25 meters stamp coking project is located in the Coal Chemical Recycling Economic Park of Xinzhou Economic Development Zone. The total investment of the project is 3.5 billion yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 368.3 million yuan, accounting for 10.5% of the total investment. The project belongs to the coking chemical industry. The construction contents mainly include the storage, transportation, preparation and crushing of clean coal, coke making from coal carbonization and coke oven gas Dry quenching, coke screening, storage and transportation, gas purification, public and auxiliary environmental protection facilities, etc. Coking supporting construction 1 × 200t/h coke dry quenching and new coke dry quenching system

Basic information of the current project: Shanxi Yuwang Coal Gasification Co., Ltd. has a 1.2 million t/a coking project. The current project is divided into two phases, of which the first phase is a 600000 t/a coking technology transformation project. The main construction contents are as follows: × 50 hole TJL4350D coke oven and supporting gas purification system, 1.2 million t/a coal washing project and 3 × 3MW gas power generation project, among which the second phase project is also 600000 t/a coking technology transformation project, and the construction content is 2 × 50 hole TJL4350D coke oven and supporting gas purification system, and the remaining gas is supplied externally.



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