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Equipment management Coke oven of No. 1 coking workshopheating precision control project has been successfully put into trial operation

Coking workshop 1 has 2 × There are two 50 hole TJL4350D double flue coke ovens, including waste gas circulation, gas downflow and single heat side charging tamping coke ovens. The temperature regulation mode of coke ovens mainly adopts traditional manual temperature measurement and manual regulation methods. In order to better adapt to the requirements of enterprise innovation and development, fully realize the intelligent coke production, reduce cost and efficiency in the production process, save energy and reduce emissions, reduce labor intensity and other purposes, since October 2021, with the strong support of the company and the orderly promotion of the project department of Science and Technology Development, the coke oven heating precision control project has been implemented in the first coking workshop.


It is reported that the project is installed by Liaoning Aikerui Coking Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the installation, transformation, commissioning and operation of all equipment and facilities. Coking Workshop I is responsible for providing site and construction site monitoring and supervision. The project consists of coke oven supporting standard temperature automatic temperature measurement system, fire fall monitoring and diagnosis system, heating gas branch pipe automatic regulation system, flue suction automatic regulation optimization system, supporting computer hardware system, etc. The whole system is built on the basis of the straight temperature automatic temperature measurement system, the fire monitoring system and the heating gas branch pipe regulating system. The target fire fall time is determined according to the coking cycle and production experience, the standard flue temperature is set according to the target fire fall time, the gas flow in the main pipe and branch pipe is controlled according to the standard flue temperature, and the control value of the suction in the branch flue at the coke side is optimized according to the oxygen content of the exhaust gas at the coke side, The standard temperature shall be corrected according to the online monitoring of coke cake temperature, and the high heating and horizontal heating of coke cake shall be monitored at the same time.

At present, the project is in the trial operation stage. Coking workshop 1 actively organizes thermal workers to learn about automatic temperature measurement and automatic regulation, and further tests and improves the application and understanding ability of thermal workers on new equipment and methods. In terms of operation mode, after the furnace top thermometers use infrared thermometers to measure the straight temperature, the flame setters and gas team thermometers can directly switch the coke oven heating precise control system in the DCS computer room to increase or decrease the valve opening of the coke oven, so as to achieve effective temperature adjustment, which has changed the frequency of manual adjustment of adding or decreasing coke oven on site in the past, greatly reducing the labor force of operators, At the same time, the accuracy of heating data and the uniformity of furnace temperature are ensured. The data shows that the environmental protection data and process parameters meet the requirements of the heating system, especially the straight and horizontal row coefficients of the whole furnace reach K straight ≥ 0.70 and k horizontal ≥ 0.85 respectively.

This project is another measure to improve quality, transformation and efficiency, catch up with standards, and transform development under the current market, production cost, and environmental pressure. While the application of intelligence brings convenience, it also deepens the concept of making coke better. (Correspondent: Zhao Yufei, Zhang Yao, Chief Editor: Zhang Jingyun)

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