Robot intelligent inspection

Manual patrol inspection has many problems, such as low efficiency, poor timeliness and security, frequent false alarm and missing report, and a large number of blind areas in manual patrol inspection, unable to track the site situation in a timely and rapid manner. The intelligent inspection robot can realize the functions of visible light video capture, infrared thermal image temperature measurement, noise monitoring, environmental monitoring, etc. in the coking furnace area, support the capabilities of automatic inspection, result analysis, intelligent alarm, automatic reporting, etc., can timely detect equipment failures and give early warning, improve the reliability of equipment operation, improve the enterprise's information and intelligent management level, and improve the operation efficiency and safety management level.

Patrol inspection objects of flue gas exchange system: waste gas brace, lifting height of waste gas mound, damper cover plate, surface temperature of waste gas tray, position and stroke of waste gas tray handle, etc.

Patrol inspection objects of gas exchange system: gas brace, switch position of exchange cock, handle of exchange cock, stroke, etc.

System functions:

1. The integrated intelligent inspection system based on intelligent inspection robot is seamlessly integrated with the inspection system;

2. The wireless network and wired network are arranged comprehensively to meet the needs of different sites;

3. The system is compatible with the existing control system, and the existing patrol system can be used to control the camera of the system;

4. The system can add object recognition function, which is used to supplement the intelligent recognition object of robot patrol system and strengthen the scope of patrol.

5. Completely independent AI recognition module enhances the recognition ability of various complex environments.

6. Other necessary auxiliary functions.

Robot parameters:

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Robot intelligent inspection
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