Remote control of branch pipe regulation

System introduction:

Manual adjustment of single hole furnace temperature consumes labor and time, and the adjustment is not timely, so the energy consumption is high and can not be effectively controlled.

By installing a regulating valve on the branch pipe instead of the branch pipe orifice plate, the single hole gas flow can be adjusted in time according to the furnace temperature change to achieve real-time accurate control of the temperature of the single hole combustion chamber, so that the gas combustion is more fully, the furnace temperature is effectively controlled, energy consumption is saved, and the generation of nitrogen oxides is effectively controlled from the root.

System features:

● Adjustable: the gas flow of the branch pipe can be adjusted according to the production needs according to the equal percentage and limit;

● Accuracy: replace manual adjustment, with high adjustment accuracy;

● Intelligence: use the working condition parameter screen to monitor the operation dynamics, identify abnormal information, and put forward guidance and suggestions through analysis and judgment;

● Flexibility: different adjustment methods can be adopted according to production needs.

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