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Liaoning AcuriteCoke Oven Heating Optimization Control Technology

AcuriteThe coke oven heating optimization control technology is mainly based on online real-time monitoring of standard flue temperature, adjusting gas flow and flue suction, and correcting flue suction through exhaust gas oxygen content, air excess coefficient and fire hole pressure; By monitoring the surface temperature of the coke cake when the coke is produced, the central temperature of the coke cake, the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the coke cake and the temperature change of the cross wall can be known at any time; The standard flue temperature and coking time are corrected through online raw gas temperature monitoring; The air volume is controlled by the difference of suction between the rising and falling airflow in the regenerative chamber, so as to realize the optimal control technology of coke oven heating with four temperatures and one pressure, achieve the goal of saving gas, improving coke quality, and fundamentally controlling the amount of nitrogen and oxygen compounds in the exhaust gas.


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