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Shanxi New2.1 Million Tons (Stamping) Coking Project

Shanxi Hongyuan Fukang New Energy Co., Ltd. has replaced the construction of a 2.1 million ton/year coking project according to the requirements of the General Office of the Shanxi Provincial Government to "go up the big and close the small". The main construction contents include the construction of 3 coking chambers with a height of 6.25m, supporting 2 × 210t/h CDQ device (one for use and one for standby), 2 × 30MW pure condensing steam turbine generator unit and desulfurization waste liquid salt extraction device.

The remaining coke oven gas is sent to the 25000 t/a hydrogen production CNG project of Shanxi Yi'an New Energy Co., Ltd.

The total investment of the project is 3.174 billion yuan.

The project is located in Lingshi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinzhong City.

In May 2022, the Department of Ecological Environment of Shanxi Province will make an examination and approval announcement on the 2.1Mt/a 6.25m (tamping) coking project of Shanxi Hongyuan Fukang New Energy Co., Ltd.

Project overview

The 2.1Mt/a 6.25m (tamping) coking project of Shanxi Hongyuan Fukang New Energy Co., Ltd. is designed to use JL6253D-type duplex flue, waste gas circulation, multi-stage heating, coke oven gas downflow, regenerative chamber grid and side charging tamping coke oven with adjustable lower part of castor brick with carbonization chamber height of 6.25m and width of 530mm. The scale of furnace group is 3 × 63 holes, chemical production recovery, supporting construction of 2x210t/h CDQ unit and 2x30MW steam turbine generator unit.

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