Integrated intelligent control platform for coking

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Integrated intelligent management platform for coking

Platform introduction:

The intelligent management and control platform of coking integration is deeply integrated with advanced industrial Internet technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and mobile Internet to build an intelligent management and control platform of coking integration to achieve refined production management, equipment life-cycle management, energy management and control efficiency improvement, intelligent security management, intelligent environmental protection management, intelligent process analysis, and "one-stop" centralized management and control decisions. The control platform covers coke oven heating, coal preparation, coking, dry quenching, gas purification and other areas, mainly including coke oven intelligent heating system, coking edge intelligent system, coking big data platform, equipment intelligent operation and maintenance system, centralized monitoring, coking mobile APP, and digital twin factory.

Overall objectives of the platform:

1. Eliminate data islands

Formulate a unified data standard, adopt a unified data acquisition platform, and break through the data barriers at all levels of the system.

2. Refined production management

Formulate production plans, scheduling plans and operation plans, conduct multi-dimensional statistics and analysis of production performance, dig out factors affecting production operation, and provide production operation suggestions.

3. Equipment lifecycle management

Establish an equipment account, provide equipment analysis tools, and build an intelligent early warning system for equipment health status in combination with the intelligent diagnosis mechanism model of professional equipment, so as to achieve a success rate of equipment diagnosis of more than 80%.

4. Optimize energy utilization

Monitoring, statistics, analysis and comparison of coking energy consumption indicators are carried out to constantly tap energy saving space and improve energy utilization efficiency.

5. Intelligent heating of coke oven

By effectively controlling the temperature measurement and coking process, the heating condition of coke oven is improved, and the gas can be saved by 2% - 6%; By reducing the riser temperature and controlling the air fuel ratio, the amount of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas can be effectively reduced by 100-150mg/m3, thereby reducing the operation cost of flue gas denitrification; Optimizing the standard temperature can reduce the standard temperature by 10 ° C-20 ° C and improve the recovery of chemical products.

6. Smart security control

The machine vision algorithm is used to analyze the regional behavior, so as to realize the energy power fire alarm and the monitoring, alarm and control of all kinds of toxic and harmful gas hazard sources in the plant.

7. Smart environmental management

Collect a series of data such as pollution sources, environmental quality and production conditions in real time, and build an all-round, multi-level and full coverage intelligent environmental protection platform based on digital online monitoring, emergency linkage, environmental protection analysis and other functional modules to achieve intelligent environmental protection management.

8. Intelligent process analysis

Carry out intelligent analysis businesses such as process collaboration, data deep mining, working condition optimization, quality tracking control and comprehensive evaluation in the coking production process, and achieve the overall improvement of the manufacturing level and personnel operation level of the coking system.

9. One stop centralized management and control decision-making

The digital twin system of each process unit is constructed, which fully integrates the essence of human brain science, management science and information science. The overall analysis and display of production status, cost and management are centered on tapping the potential of overall cost reduction and efficiency increase. The leadership cockpit mode is used to provide intelligent decision support for production operations, and to optimize personnel on the posts.

System architecture:

1. Adopt cloud edge collaboration mode;

2. Build a unified data standard;

3. Adopt integrated data collection;

4. Adopt multiple data storage strategies;

5. Data processing mode of batch flow combination;

6. Common data services and analysis display tools;

7. Based on big data machine learning algorithms, such as classification clustering, decision tree, principal component analysis and other algorithms, big data analysis and intelligent matching of working conditions are carried out for medium and long-term working conditions.

Information integration:

Build a unified internal high-speed network to realize the network integration of various heterogeneous systems; A unified data acquisition gateway is used to collect data from heterogeneous systems with different data sources, protocols and interfaces; Unified data standards are used to normalize the standards and formats of heterogeneous systems and data.

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Integrated intelligent management platform for coking
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