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China Coal Xuyang Coke Oven Flue Gas 7500 t/aCarbon Dioxide Capture Demonstration Project was selected

On May 17, 2022, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province announced the "List of Demonstration Projects for Green Industrial Development in 2022", and the demonstration project of 7500 t/a carbon dioxide capture from coke oven flue gas of Hebei China Coal Xuyang Energy Co., Ltd. was included.


The Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province organized the application and selection of industrial green development demonstration projects in the province, aiming to promote the implementation of the Implementation Opinions on Completely, Accurately and Comprehensively Implementing the New Development Concept and Seriously Doing a Good Job of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutralization issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and the "Fourteenth Five Year" Industrial Green Development Plan of Hebei Province, accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation and development of industry, and set a benchmark in key industries and fields, Demonstration will drive the green development of key industries. After on-site review, screening and reporting, expert review and centralized research by provincial and municipal industrial and information departments, a total of 20 projects were selected and identified as demonstration projects for industrial green development and given support.

Specifically, the 7500 t/a carbon dioxide capture demonstration project of coke oven flue gas selected by Xuyang Coal Group Xuyang is one of the projects deployed and implemented in the Xuyang Group Carbon Peak Carbon Neutralization Action Plan, and is also the first carbon dioxide capture project of coke oven flue gas in the national coking industry. It has made a positive and effective exploration for the entire coking industry to implement the carbon peak carbon neutralization strategy, which is of great demonstration and leading significance.

In recent years, especially with the proposal of the national "double carbon" goal and the in-depth promotion of its series of supporting policies, Xuyang Group has actively responded and innovated, continued to increase the investment in green and low-carbon development, related work and targeted measures, and took the lead in constructing the 7500 t/a carbon dioxide capture demonstration project in Xuyang, China Coal. According to the Application Guide for Industrial Green Development Demonstration Projects in Hebei Province in 2022, the project meets the application conditions and conforms to the application direction of carbon reduction demonstration projects. The project was completed and put into use on March 10 this year. It is designed to adopt chemical absorption capture process and cryogenic separation purification process. It can capture 7500 tons of carbon dioxide every year. The recovered carbon dioxide can be used to produce degradable plastics after deep purification, so as to "turn waste into treasure". While further promoting the extension of the industrial chain of Xuyang Xingtai Park and increasing the added value of products, it can also effectively reduce the carbon emission tax expenditure of enterprises and promote carbon sink trading, It has significant environmental and economic benefits; At the same time, Xuyang Group regards this project as an open production, teaching and research platform, constantly increasing the green energy technology reserves, stimulating the scientific and technological innovation vitality of enterprises, enhancing the industrial scientific and technological content, and giving full play to its radiation and promotion role in deepening the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industries.

At present, the development of China's new energy industry is stepping into a fast lane, and the development of carbon capture and hydrogen energy has become one of the key words. Xuyang Group will take the opportunity of China Coal Xuyang Coke Oven Flue Gas 7500 t/a Carbon Dioxide Capture Demonstration Project being selected as a provincial industrial green development demonstration project, further deepen the implementation of the Xuyang Group Carbon Peak Carbon Neutralization Action Plan and the Xuyang Group Hydrogen Energy Development Plan throughout the Group, based on its own industrial chain advantages, technology empowerment, industry first, and steadily promote carbon capture and utilization and hydrogen energy projects, Comprehensively build and continuously improve the green and low-carbon development model, actively lead and promote the high-quality green development of the entire industry.

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